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Tip of the Day 

Corner With Care – It’s a good idea to use care entering corners, especially unfamiliar ones. Cars tend to push gravel to the edge of the road, right where you’re riding, so slow down before the corner and watch for debris. If you bring too much speed into a turn, don’t slam on the brakes because you might skid a tire and lose control. Instead, gradually apply the brakes. To gain control, turn your head and look to the inside of the corner, which will help you remain on your side of the road. You tend to head towards where you look so if you can turn and see the inside of the corner, you’ll find that you won’t ride out of it.

CamelBak: To Ride At The Max!

CamelBak's road models are sleek and efficient!

Streaming along the byway, speeding over climbs -- CamelBak is the quickest way to hydrate. With specific models just for roadies, CamelBak has you covered!

There's a Marin Bicycle in Your Future!

Fun and fitness courtesy of your Marin bicycle!

Whether it's for commuting, fitness, road, mountain or just plain fun, Ken's friendly, expert staff can custom fit you to a Marin bicycle you'll love!  Swing on by and get hooked up with your new ride today.