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Tip of the Day 

Bikes On Top! - Roof-mounted bike racks are great devices. But, they have an Achilles' heel: It's too easy to forget that the bikes are up there as you drive into your carport or garage. Crunch! When this happens, even if your bike escapes major damage, it's likely that the roof rack and car top will be bent or worse. So, it's definitely worth it to avoid the hassle of driving into things with the bikes on top. One trick that might help is placing the garage remote control in a cycling glove. This way, when you see the glove, it should remind you of your precious cargo. This trick won't work if there's no remote control. Instead, you might place a sign on your dashboard or try hanging a flag on your carport with a picture of a bike on it. Or, mount a mirror on your garage wall that lets you see the loaded roof rack as you pull up. One of these suggestions just might save you major grief.

Fuel Right to be First!

Fueling with the right foods will get you to the top faster!

The right riding foods and drinks will have you flying up the hills in front of your friends, and help you recover after training rides too.  Plus, it's always nice to be healthier every day at home and work.

 Between Ken's Bike-Ski-Board and the Davis Food Co-Op (practically next door), we've got all the yummy, healthy fuel you'll need to make your next big bike ride the best ever!  Here at Ken's, you'll find a great selection of bars, gels, capsules, chewy things and drink powders to supplement the Co-Ops healthy foods, for optimal performance.

So swing by 7th & G soon & often; with the right nutrition, you'll enjoy riding and living even more!

The Ride Of Your Dreams!

Go ahead, take the fun line. It's what your Specialized was designed and built for. Whether you ride on ramps, trails or ladders, Ken's has the perfect Specialized for you. Stop on in today and try a few out!

Feature Items

Specialized BG Gel Gloves
Specialized BG Gel Gloves
Product Rating
3.5 stars
 (10 Reviews)
Marin East Peak 5.5
Marin East Peak 5.5 - 2012
Specialized Elite Road Shoes
Specialized Elite Road Shoes - 2012
Product Rating
4.5 stars
 (3 Reviews)
Speedplay Frog Chromoly
Speedplay Frog Chromoly
Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)