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Come see what all the commotion is about!

Since 2009, Ken's has teamed up with John Swann of Swann Electric Bicycles to offer a full range of electric-assisted or "e-bikes."  These range from fully-equipped commuter bikes with a factory-installed assist, to fully customizable e-kits from BionX of Canada which can be fitted to most new or existing bikes you can think of (we've already done recumbent tandems, 3-wheelers, mountain bikes and more). Plus powered trailers, compact folding electrics, fully integrated batteries and more. No one in the area has more selection or expertise in preparing for the coming transportation revolution!

New e-bike technology works much like a hybrid car -- except you substitute your legs for the combustion engine.  A very user-friendly controller allows you to magnify your pedaling power by an extra 25 to 300%.  Utilizing a new high-tech Lithium Ion battery, the BionX system gives a minimum range of 20 miles, on the 200% power-boost setting (using the electric power more conservatively can take you beyond 60 miles).  Plus, there is no battery memory, meaning that your bike will continue to give you that range throughout its life span, and the system charges fully in just a few hours.

Hey, that's cheating!

Maybe, but hook a trailer up to your e-bike, and you've got an easy, green, non-polluting way to haul kids to school, get groceries, and commute to work without being sweaty when you get there.  And the great feeling you'll have by leaving that car parked in the driveway will more than make up for any "cyclist guilt." 

Options you say?

Yes, we can install a variety of power/battery configurations on practically any bicycle!


Try one today!

Of course the practicality and environmental benefits of an e-bike are substantial, but the best part of owning one is how fun they are to ride!  You can stop by Ken's any time (M-F 9a-8p, Sat 9a-7p, Sun 12n-5p) to try one out -- or for a longer ride just call or email John to set up an appointment for a "demo" (just $20 for 24 hrs!). 

Phone: (530) 564-0933 (Swann Electric Bikes doesn't maintain typical "office hours," so leave a message if we aren't in!)

Email:                   Website: Swann Electric Bikes